Cookie Kit

Cookie Kit


Get everything you need to create and have fun decorating cookies at home. This kit comes with unfrosted cookies, frosting bag(s), 2 oz sprinkle container(s), and colored vanilla buttercream frosting. You can get a 4, 6, or 12 cookie kit. The cookie shapes are a cupcake, flower, butterfly, and fancy oval.


Please allow at least three days to process the order. You will be notified when it is ready. 


4 cookies kit - $8.79+tax --> 4 unfrosted cookies, 1 frosting bag, 2 oz sprinkle container, 1 colored vanilla buttercream frosting


6 cookie kit - $12.89+tax --> 6 unfrosted cookies, 2 frosting bags, 2 oz sprinkle container, 2 colored vanilla buttercream frosting


12 cookie kit - $24.29+tax --> 12 unfrosted cookies, 4 frosting bags, 2-2oz sprinkle containers, 4 colored vanilla buttercream frosting