The desserts below are available at the bakery every day we are open. You can pre-order and customize to your event

Cakeballs $1.50
Cake and frosting rolled into a ball and dipped in chocolate. We have 23+ different flavor cake balls to choose from
Cookie sandwich $2.50
2 cookies with frosting. You can create your own by adding toppings!
Frosted Cookies  $3.00
Sugar Cookies Frosted with Buttercream. We can make any shape with a week notice
Frosting Shot   $0.29
You can just get a shot of frosting with toppings
Cake in a Cup $3.00
Create a cupcake in a cup that you can walk around and eat
Mini Cupcakes for Dogs
1 for $1.25, 5 for $6.25
Doggie Cakes
4" Dog Cake $15.00
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We are not a nut free facility

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