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Create Your Own Cupcake

Tay's Cupcake Factory


You are now able to create your own cupcake when you come to The Cupcake Couture. You choose your flavor of the cupcake, the filling, the frosting, and the toppings.


Choose your Cupcake

Choose your Frosting

Cupcake & Frosting Flavors

Chocolate and vanilla will be offered everyday. Come to the store to find out what other flavors there are. 

Base price for a frosted cupcake $2.90

Only Available at De Pere Location


Choose your Filling and Toppings

Fillings and Toppings will be the Same Everyday

Fillings                                  Extra $0.25

*Any of the frostings offered that day


*Chocolate Sauce 

Toppings                               Extra $0.10 each

*Rainbow Sprinkles

*Chocolate Sprinkles

*Pastel Sequins

*Bright Sequins

*Red Hearts

*Mini Chocolate Chips

*Hershey's Hugs

*Mini M&M's

*Oreo Crumbs


*Mini Resses

*Milky Way

*Mini Marshmellow

*Gummy Bears




*Chocolate Sauce

Come to the store and create your own cupcake!

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